Meet the designer

Behind the Design

Meet Lynn, Design Director at Blue Loom

From an early age, Lynn gravitated toward the world of art and design.

“It’s all I can ever remember wanting to do. My favorite thing as a kid was a new box of crayons.”

By following her intuition, pursuing her passion and working tirelessly, she has fulfilled her lifelong dream to become a textile designer. Lynn’s signature style and love of nature and shapes are on full display in Blue Loom’s variety of home textiles.

“It is a gift to be able to create something beautiful that will help bring someone joy in their life and in their home.”

Learn more about Lynn’s creative process and the inspiration behind Blue Loom in this exclusive Q & A.

Why the home textile industry?  

“I studied fashion in college and was certain that’s where I would land. While interning at a major fashion retailer, I was asked to sit in on a meeting with a design studio. Once I saw all the swatches of patterns, I was like, that’s it, that’s what I want to do. I want to be the one to create the patterns. I shifted my focus to textile design and landed a spot at a home company, and I haven’t looked back since.”


Where does your inspiration come from? 

“Travel has always been a huge inspiration. The last few years of “staying home” have been a shift, though. Instead of looking outside, I really turned within. We all had to ask ourselves, ‘What does home mean, what do I want it to represent, what do I want to be surrounded with?’ It was a different process. Also, spending more time in nature, I am in constant awe of organic and natural shapes and colors.”


What does your design process look like? 

“I pull together as much inspiration as possible and then start sifting through. I love to make mood boards to help start visualizing the overall aesthetic. Once I have a pretty clear direction, I bring in my team of designers. Each one of them is so special in their own way. They help to interpret the vision and put their own spin on it so it all starts to come to life.”


Where do you get most of your trend ideas? 

“Everything from Pinterest to blogs, social media, current events, and the apparel industry. There is so much inspiration out there. Then, it’s all about diving in to feel what will translate for our products and what will resonate best with our customer.”


What’s your favorite part of being a designer?

“I think designers and creatives see the world in a different way. We live our lives looking for ways to be inspired and for ways to spark inspiration in others.”


What is your favorite Blue Loom piece and why?

“The Wren throw pillow. I’m obsessed with the turmeric color! The design is also subtle, but impactful. You can toss it anywhere and instantly update a space.”