About Us

Hi there,

It’s so good to see you. When Blue Loom was in its early stages, we came to a very simple conclusion: no two homes are the same, just as no two lives are identical. Our collections are inspired by our team’s perfectly imperfect lives, with each piece stemming from a personal story or unique life experience. We’re thrilled you’ve found yourself here and can’t wait to see how our products become a part of your life.

–Blue Loom

“Home is where your story begins”
- Annie Danielson


As a team of seasoned designers and trend forecasters, we understand that inspiration is everywhere. From a walk with the dog to the runways in Paris, we collect our unique experiences and interpret them as objects designed to fit effortlessly into your home. 


We are proud to retain complete control our creative and production processes. Our global sourcing experts have given us access to direct relationships with the world’s premiere suppliers, ensuring our passion for artistry and value shines in every piece.


Blue Loom is dedicated to the luminaries in the world; those who prefer to lead and inspire. We are proud of our unique style and point-of-view and want to celebrate yours, as well.

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