How Often Should You Change Your Bath Towels?

How Often Should You Change Your Bath Towels?

There’s nothing like that ultra-clean feeling after a refreshing shower or relaxing bath. But, a dirty towel can easily cancel out all of your good hygiene. If you can’t remember the last time you washed your bath towel or it is starting to smell a bit funky, chances are it is filled with bacteria.

It makes sense to think that because you’re clean when you’re drying off after a shower that your towel also stays clean, even after a few uses, but that is not the case. Towels absorb a lot of water and damp towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other germs. Even after you’ve soaped up and washed your body thoroughly, when you dry off you leave behind dead skin cells, oil, pollution from environmental aggressors and bodily secretions. This is why we recommend washing or switching out your towels after every three uses. If you have eczema or sensitive skin, wash or switch out your towels after one use to prevent irritation.

The best way to ensure your towels are always fresh is to stock up on multiple bath towel sets so you can change them out frequently without having to run a load of laundry every few days. If you’re looking for high-performance everyday towel, you’ll love our Liam Bath Towel Set, which is available with an antimicrobial or bleach-friendly treatment. The antimicrobial treatment keeps mildew and odors at bay for longer lasting freshness. Plus, the combed ring spun cotton is super absorbent and provides endless comfort.

Our Lilly Cotton Bamboo Blended Bath Towel Set is tough on odor, but soft on your skin. These cotton and bamboo rayon blended bath towels not only help prevent odor, mold and mildew, but the textured weave is exceptionally absorbent for a faster dry. Choose from six beautiful colors to match your bathroom decor.

Our Mason Low Twist Ribbed Bath Towel Set is another great option to add to your rotation. Super soft, durable and plush, these towels have a fancy look and feel for a spa-like aesthetic. The ribbed texture allows for a faster dry time so you can use your towel sooner. Keep cozy and warm after you step out of the shower.

In order to prevent germs from growing on your bath towel, make sure you let your towel dry completely between each use. Drying your towels on a towel bar instead of a hook helps them to dry faster, as well. Another tip to preserve your towel’s freshness is to take your towel out of the bathroom to dry because germs thrive in humid environments. When washing your towels, use a warm or hot temperature to kill germs then tumble dry low.

Finding the perfect bath towel is no easy task, but we’re here to help make your shower or bath routine more enjoyable. Wrap yourself in luxury with our highly absorbent, durable towels that stand the test of time. Shop now.