How to Fold Your Bed Sheets Like a Pro

How to Fold Your Bed Sheets Like a Pro

Do your sheets always end up in a crumpled ball when you’re trying to fold them? You’re not alone. We’ve got step-by-step instructions to teach you how to fold sheets so they are compact, wrinkle-free and easily stackable.

Let’s start with the harder one of the two. First, you’ll need a large, clean surface to spread out the sheet, such as a clean bed or table.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Step 1. Start with freshly cleaned sheets from the dryer. Holding the fitted sheet length-wise, locate all four corners.

Step 2. Fold the fitted sheet in half. Match up the corner seams and fit the top corners into the bottom corners, smoothing out the fabric as you fold.

Step 3. Fold the sheet in half again and tuck the top set of corners into the bottom corners. Position the sheet so that the open end is on the bottom and the folded sides are along the top, right and left.

Step 4. Fold your square into a long rectangle by folding the right and left sides toward the middle.

Step 5. Finally, fold the long rectangle into a square by folding both the top and bottom into each other.

How to Fold a Flat Sheet

Step 1. First, fold the flat sheet in half in one direction.

Step 2. Next, fold it in half again in the other direction. Place the open ends on the top, left and bottom and the folded side along the right.

Step 3. Now, fold the rectangle similar to how you folded the fitted sheet. You may have to fold the edges under to make the width the same as the fitted sheet.

Step 4. Fold the top and bottom of the flat sheet. Once you’re done, your flat sheet should be the same width as your fitted sheet.

Step 5. Stack them! Place the sheets inside your pillowcase and fold the excess pillow case under, or fold your pillowcases and place them on top of the sheets.

You did it! Whether you’re searching for cooling sheets, microfiber sheets or everyday cotton sheets, our sheet sets are designed with your comfort in mind. Shop now!