How to Make the Perfect Bed

How to Make the Perfect Bed

After a long, tiring day, there’s nothing like coming home and snuggling up in a perfectly made bed with lots of cozy layers. Did you know that getting into the habit of making your bed every day can help you feel more productive and refreshed? While making your bed isn’t rocket science, following these helpful steps will ensure you get quality shuteye, night after night.

  1. Dress up the Base

While bed skirts are not necessary for comfort, they help conceal your bed frame or storage boxes and make your bed look fancier and more put together. There are ruffled versions or more streamlined designs for any style. Your bed skirt should just barely graze the floor–no shorter or longer.

  1. Add a Mattress Pad

Who doesn’t love the feeling of sleeping on a cloud? Mattress pads not only provide a few extra inches of softness, but they also add a protective barrier between you and the mattress to keep it in tip-top shape. Opt for a cotton mattress pad for extra breathability.

  1. Protect Your Mattress

Sleep soundly without any worries. Mattress protectors are essential to preserve the life of your mattress. They help to protect your mattress from spills, stains, allergens and everyday wear and tear.

  1. Put on the Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets are an essential step to making your bed as they set the stage for the rest of the bedding. Fitted sheets typically have elastic on the corners to hug the mattress and stay put while you move around in your sleep.

  1. Put on a Flat Sheet

While many people tend to think that flat sheets are pointless, they actually do have an important purpose. Even though they usually end up balled up at our feet, flat sheets help prevent germs, body oils or dirt from transferring to your top layer.

  1. Layer on a Comforter or Duvet

Comforters and duvets not only add a layer of warmth, but they are also the key piece to styling your bedroom and setting the mood. Play around with pattern and texture to create your desired look.

  1. Get Styling

Now is the time to add all the finishing touches! Add colorful throw pillows to accentuate your bedding. Toss a throw blanket at the end of the bed to add more luxe layers and visual interest.

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