It’s Time To Host Again: Setting the Table With Blue Loom

It’s Time To Host Again: Setting the Table With Blue Loom

The leaves are starting to change, and life looks to be getting back to how it used to be– that means we get to host again (small gatherings, of course). Blue Loom is here to help you navigate through celebrating again. We know how uneasy people can feel with the transition of opening back up their homes to family and friends, that’s why we’re going to make the planning easy and fun for you.

Let’s start out with the basics.

We always start by asking a very simple question: How many people are you inviting? Such a question may seem a bit obvious, but it has been a little while since we last hosted a get-together. The number of guests will be the key indicator to multiple things down the line: how much food you need, seating and place setting, and the most important part for some: beverages.

Now it’s time to set the table.

We should fully embrace the things that we enjoy this year, and for us, that’s home decor. Making sure that colors are coordinating and pieces are complimenting each other are our keys to a beautiful tablescape. To make sure you had one less thing to worry about, we set an entire table for you.

1. Tablecloth

Dylan Tablecloth in Terracotta

Meet Dylan, our terracotta tablecloth. We highly recommend a tablecloth no matter what age your guests are. A tablecloth makes clean up easy while also tying the space together.

2. Table runner

Luna Table Runner

To accent your table, we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite table runners: Luna. By adding a table runner, you can turn your tablespace into one to remember.

3. Placemats

Harlow Placemat

Next to come are placemats, an essential part of piecing together the overall look. Our options are truly endless, but Harlow has a special place in our hearts. Harlow pairs amazingly with Dylan and Luna.

4. Napkins

Dylan Napkins Set of 4 in Terracotta

You’re in luck. Our Dylan collection has terracotta napkins that will perfectly match your tablecloth, pulling the entire table together. Plus, they’re machine washable. Easy as pumpkin pie.

5. Décor

Terracotta table setting

Last are the finishing touches. This is your chance to really let your own personal style show through the table. Whether that means unique serving bowls you got from family vacation or a beautiful floral centerpiece that you picked up from the local market. Adding place cards, greenery, florals, whatever that may be; make it you.

It’s time to clean up

You’ve had a successful day, now it’s time for the part that everyone dreads: the cleanup. The great thing about our Dylan collection is that it is machine washable. Throw the tablecloth and napkins in on a cold cycle and you’re ready to go for your next celebration. Make the job even easier with our highly absorbent bar mop towels linked here.

Enjoy being back together.

Enjoy the moments, big or small, and eat that second slice of pie or drink that second glass of wine.