Kitchen Towels with Purpose & Personality

Kitchen Towels with Purpose & Personality

The staple for every kitchen is a great set of kitchen towels. In addition to accenting your kitchen, kitchen towels serve many purposes from cooking to cleaning. Plus, they are reusable alternatives to paper towels. Learn more about our kitchen towels and find the best ones for your home.

What are kitchen towels?

A kitchen towel is an absorbent material used for various tasks in the kitchen, such as drying dishes, holding warm dishes or wiping up spills.

How can you use kitchen towels?

Drying Dishes

Our Flour Sack Kitchen Towels are the perfect everyday towels to dry dishes and hands. They come in a set of four so you’ll always have one ready. These oversized dish towels are made from a soft, high-quality cotton yarn to dry dishes and glassware quickly and help to eliminate water spots. Be sure to keep one as a designated hand towel to dry off your hands, as you do not want to transfer bacteria onto clean surfaces.

Easy Clean Up

Don’t let spills get you down. Keep your counters clean and dry with the help of our Multi Purpose Waffle Weave Kitchen Towels. The plush material, made from Polyester and Polyamide, absorbs spills quickly and efficiently to clean up in record time. These extra soft towels get even softer with use and won’t ever leave lint behind. Wipe up any mess without the stress with our kitchen towels.

Hand Protection

Certain kitchen towels are thicker and tougher than ordinary bath towels, which makes them a great alternative to pot holders. Use them to pick up hot plates and protect your hands. Bar mops typically can stand higher heat. Our Bar Mop Kitchen Towel is crafted from a heavy-duty ribbed cotton terry to stand up to whatever your kitchen throws its way.

Decorative Purposes

A kitchen refresh is simple with updated kitchen towels. Make a statement with bold colors or patterns, or keep it classic with bright white kitchen linens. Our Parker Stripe Kitchen Towels not only look great, but they work great, too. Made from 100% cotton, Parker is highly absorbent and durable. The fringe edge adds some fun flair, too, for any boho home. Add some personality to your kitchen with kitchen towels that complement your décor.

Complete your cooking area with our stylish, versatile kitchen towels. It’s always best to have multiple sets on standby when you have to wash one towel set. Click here to choose the right kitchen towels for your needs.