The Right Way to Wash Your Towels

The Right Way to Wash Your Towels

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re probably washing your bath towels incorrectly. Experts recommend washing your towels every three to five uses. Let us tell you why.

Did you know that we lose approximately 30,000 to 40,000 dead skills every minute? That’s a total of nine pounds of dead skin cells a year, yuck! Those skin cells combined with moisture can create the perfect living environment for viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

We’ve all been known to finish the laundry for the week only to realize we forgot to wash the darn towels! Well, you might want to be a little less forgetful next time when it comes to washing your towels knowing what you know now.

When it comes to washing towels, a commonly asked question is, “Can I wash my towels with my clothes?” Even though the answer is yes, you can, remember that all those germs and bacteria growing on your towel can transfer onto your clothes. We recommend for sanitary reasons that it’s in your best interest to keep your clothes and towels separate when washing.

Blue Loom also strongly believes that you should not wash your towels with your sheets unless you want to sleep with those icky germs! And don’t even think about washing your bath towels with your kitchen towels! Your kitchen washcloths and dish towels touch even more dreadful items; from mouths to dirty hands, the germ pile up is endless.

We know laundry is the most dreaded task of all, however, keeping your towels fresh and clean is our number one priority. A helpful tip: if washing your towels every three to five is just too overwhelming for you, we recommend having multiple sets of towels in the closet. This means that while you are waiting for those towels to be done in the laundry, you can keep you and your family clean and safe from germs this winter season.

Get washing!