Which Bedding Matches Your Star Sign?

Which Bedding Matches Your Star Sign?

Want to refresh your bedding, but don’t know where to start? Your dream bedroom look is written in the stars! We put together a helpful guide to determine the best bedding for your zodiac. Transform your bedroom into the ultimate retreat so you can sleep soundly and in style.


Quirky and highly unique, Aquarians are natural-born trendsetters, which is why our super stylish Hazel Clipped Jacquard Duvet Set is a great fit for them. The clipped jacquard detailing adds depth and dimension for an eye-catching look. This duvet is different from the rest, just like Aquarius.



Sympathetic and emotionally intuitive, Pisceans are often considered the psychics of the zodiac. They are always in tune with the outside world, so when they are inside their home, they’ll need bedding that is calming and comforting, like our Willow Tufted Medallion Quilt Set. The soothing oatmeal color and hand-quilted motifs create serene vibes to relax and reset.


Lively and fierce, Aries will need bedding that keeps up with their fast-paced lifestyle. Our bohemian-inspired Arlo Tassel Comforter Set features multi-toned stitching and fun tassels for an elevated look that is just as approachable and charming as Aries. 


Dependable and sensual, Taureans enjoy the finer things in life, which is why our Saylor Stripe Duvet Set will be perfect for them. With a classic striped design and soft fabric that feels luxurious on the skin, this duvet is what dreams are made of. 


Symbolized by the twins, Geminis are creative and energetic. Their bedding should be anything but boring. Our Phoenix Diamond Stitch Quilt Set is playful and vibrant and will make any room come to life with its multicolored diamond stitching.


Even though cancer’s symbol is a crab, underneath that hard shell, they are extremely sensitive. Our Isla Clipped Jacquard Comforter Set offers beauty and comfort with the clipped jacquard texture. This dreamy, romantic comforter will cater to cancer’s soft side.


As the ruler of the stars, Leos are true leaders and tend to have a cheerful, outgoing personality. Their bedding should equally as bright and warm as them. Our ultra-comfy Raja Reversible Print Quilt Set features a striped geometric pattern on one side and fun a patchwork design on the other for a unique look.



As the ultimate perfectionists, Virgos take pride in the presentation of their bedroom and tend to make their bed every morning. That’s why they’ll appreciate the unmatched beauty of our Dalia Reversible Print Quilt Set that provides two gorgeous looks in one super soft quilt. This lightweight blanket is ideal for summer months or as an added layer of warmth in the winter.



Friendly and easygoing, Libras are constantly seeking balance in life, as their symbol “the scales” suggests. Our Leo Striped Comforter Set provides the perfect balance of style and comfort. The denim striped pattern brings peace and tranquility to any space and the cozy fabrics will make getting out of bed even harder.



Scorpios are bold and passionate, so their bedding should be, too! Our Zuri Medallion Print Duvet Setwill match their personality and be sure to make a statement. The distressed neutral palette complements any bedroom décor.



Sagittarians are bright, optimistic and adventurous, so they’ll need colorful bedding that matches their free spirit. Our Juniper Floral Print Duvet Set brings a fresh, uplifting aesthetic with its beautiful impressionist floral design.



Capricorns are known for their determination and dependability, so they’ll need bedding that can work just as hard as them. Our Vivie Solid Stone Washed Duvet Set is a super-soft, stonewashed duvet with a worn-in feel that only gets better with time. The solid color and subtle texture make this duvet ideal for everyday use.


Whether you’re a water, fire, air or earth sign, we’ve got the best bedding to ensure you get the best sleep of your life. Shop now!