Meet Terra

Diatomaceous Earth Bath Stone

Aesthetically Pleasing With Multifunctional Purpose

Can Be Used For...

  • Bath mat or shower rug
  • Kitchen, mudroom, or entryway
  • Outdoor shower or hot tub
  • Underneath pet bowls
  • Underneath plants

Highly Absorbent Quick Dry Eco Friendly


Spa Experience In Your Home

The Blue Loom Terra Earth Bath Stone gives you an elevated, spa like experience right within your own home.

Show a Little Love

Cleaning Light Stains:

Wash the stone with warm water and a sponge in circular motions, then allow time to dry.

Cleaning Heavy Stains:

Gently buff the surface of the bath stone with sandpaper until the stain is buffed away. If needed use a light cleaner to help wipe away dust, then rinse and leave to dry.


Diatomaceous Earth Bath Stone Mat

Add This Stone Mat To Your Home

How To Use


Prior to the first use, rinse the bath stone under water to remove any dust, then leave to dry before use.

Choose Location

Place the anti-slip mesh mat under the stone mat on flat ground with nothing else underneath to help stay in place when entering or exiting the shower or bath.


Simply step onto your Blue Loom Earth Bath Stone and watch it rapidly absorb the water, leaving your feet and bathroom dry.

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Step Outside the Ordinary

Upgrade the places in your home including the mudroom, outdoor shower, patio, kitchen floor, and under pet bowls and plants.